Jeaniene Frost (frost_light) wrote,
Jeaniene Frost

Happy New Year and best of 2017 lists

Wow, December flew by! That's probably because there are quite a few birthdays that month for my family, plus my anniversary (25 years!) and of course, Christmas and New Year's. As predicted in my previous post, I have blown both my diet and my budget. Which one will be easier to fix? Time will tell, heh. 

It feels like everyone has done a "Best of 2017" list, so I decided that, even though it's officially 2018 now, I'd chime in with mine. With that in mind, here are some of my favorite reads during 2017. There aren't many titles because I found myself in a reading slump this past year. I would start books that were perfectly good, but I just couldn't summon the enthusiasm to keep reading. I've been a book lover since I was ten, so this sucked, to be blunt. I'm happy to say that my reading slump seems to be over now, so I am eyeing my To Be Read pile with happy anticipation instead of dread. 

That disclaimer aside, here are my favorite reads from 2017: 

Stillhouse Lake & Killman Creek by Rachel Caine

The Last Wolf by Maria Vale

The first five novels of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs

The Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews

The Scarlett Falls series by Melinda Leigh

And here are some of my favorite new TV shows from 2017. You'll note that they range from sweet, quirky and heartwarming (Kevin Probably Saves The World) to over-the-top violent with a side of the fantastical deranged (Happy!). Side note: those two descriptions pretty much sums up my mood swings for the year, heh.

That disclaimer aside, here are my favorite new TV shows of 2017:

The Gifted


Kevin Probably Saves The World


Lethal Weapon

The Orville

Ghost Wars

People of Earth


Now, it's back to work for me, which in this case is plugging away at Shades of Wicked, the first Night Rebel (Ian and Veritas) novel. No pre-order links yet, but once I have them I'll post them everywhere. Of course, it wouldn't surprise me if readers find those first. You guys usually beat my publisher to the punch when it comes to telling me about those. Either way, happy New Year to you! Hope 2018 brings a lot of good things your way :).
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