Jeaniene Frost (frost_light) wrote,
Jeaniene Frost

Holiday smiles and stresses

Ah, December, the month when both diets and budgets regularly get blown. I might not be done with all my Christmas shopping yet, but I've got all my decorations up, at least. Last year, I didn't decorate at all because we were in the middle of selling one house in order to buy another, and I was very stressed because (1) if House A's sale fell through, then we wouldn't be able to buy House B, (2) our lease was almost up, so if House A didn't sell, we'd also have to find a new rental house to live in, or be locked into another year's lease, and (3) it was the first anniversary of my mother's death and seeing all the Christmas stuff just reminded me of how depressed I'd felt taking it down after getting back from her funeral the prior year (she had died over the holidays.) 

This December, however, we are in our new house, and since time heals all wounds, Christmas decorations no longer give me bad memories of my mother's death. So, I've put up all my decorations and our tree is up, too. Since I can never decide whether I want multi-colored lights or white lights on the tree, I of course picked the lights that change slowly back and forth from multi-colored to white - victory for my fickle nature! 

But since no holiday season can be stress-free, all is not variety lights and pretty decorations at Casa Frost. In addition to the normal chaos, last week my dog Gypsy miscalculated a jump onto the furniture and blew out her back knee. Since she'll be 14 in two months and she has other health issues, plus it would require an intensive 6 month post-surgical recovery period, surgery isn't advisable to repair it. So, we can do nothing except give Gypsy pain meds and anti-flammants, block off all the furniture because she STILL wants to  jump on it even though she can barely hobble, keep her secluded to the family room/bedroom to limit her mobility, and wait for her leg to heal on its own. She still might end up with a permanent limp. We're hoping not, but if that happens, Gypsy can add it to her scarred eyes due to multiple surgeries to remove corneal ulcers, the scar on her face to remove a thankfully-benign lump, and various other healed injuries that all serve to prove she's a tough little canine. Here she is, posing by some of my aforementioned Christmas decorations:

I'm sure I'll blog again before the end of the year, but until then, hope your December is filled with far more smiles than stresses :).
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