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RT recap, pics, and upcoming Goodreads chat, take two

Before I get to anything else, my wonderful editor, Erika Tsang, is offering up a full manuscript critique to the winning bidder in her contribution for the Brenda Novak annual auction to benefit diabetes research. If you’re an aspiring author, this is an opportunity to help people with diabetes and yourself at the same time, heh. In addition to being my editor, Erika also edits authors Lynsay Sands, Kerrelyn Sparks, Colleen Gleason (writing as Joss Ware) and Beverly Jenkins. Link to bid on Erika’s auction is here.

Me and Erika at RT13.

Me and Erika at RT13.

And now, to the recap that will leave out so much because my memory sucks as a general rule. Add in the constant whirl of people and events at a large convention and you’re probably only getting ten percent of what actually happened. However, thanks to my sister accompanying me and forcing me to pose, now I have pictures! (everyone say “Thank you, Jinger!” if you like pics).

Tina Reber, me, Jamie McGuire, and Raine Miller.

Tina Reber, me, Jamie McGuire, and Raine Miller.

We arrived Wednesday afternoon after a two day drive and I had enough time to change clothes, put on fresh makeup, and hustle to two back-to-back panels. The first was Shifters, Weres, Vamps and Fae talking about worldbuilding, creatures, characters, and more. The second was Blood Lite where we chatted about the important aspect of humor in paranormal novels, a topic near and dear to my heart.

Thursday morning started with the A Man In A Woman’s World panel where we talked about writing from a male’s point of view. Probably the best audience laugh was when I quoted author/friend Ilona Andrews’ admonition of how not to write male pov: “Remember you are not just writing about chicks with dicks.” *grin* Take a bow, Ilona! After that was the New Adult panel, where I got to talk about my upcoming new series, tentative title Realmwalker, releasing fall 2014. I also learned from panelists that paranormals were rare in NA (not for long! :) ) and so was third person multiple pov. Panelists also agreed that the success of several self-published novels featuring older-than-YA-yet-younger-than-traditional-adult characters showed traditional publishers that NA had a market of avid readers, so way to go, indie trailblazers!

From left: Molly Harper, Pamela Palmer, Rachel Vincent, Gordon Andrews, Ilona Andrews, and Yours Truly (Jeaniene Frost).

From left: Molly Harper, Pamela Palmer, Rachel Vincent, Gordon Andrews, Ilona Andrews, and Yours Truly (Jeaniene Frost).

Next up was the Fated To Be Mated or Catch Me If You Can panel about crafting couples in paranormal romance. I moderated this and learned an important lesson from panelist Alma Katsu: Always bring the audience bribes. Alma offered up four of her novels to readers who asked questions and let me tell you, hands went up like rockets! Since an engaged audience results in a better, more entertaining panel, I offered character bracelets as bribes in the next panel I moderated. That was on Friday morning panel titled The Long Kiss Goodnight, which discussed the how-to’s and why’s of writing a recurring hero/heroine in romance. Panelists Pam Palmer, Molly Harper and Rachel Vincent also offered up copies of their books, so we had a lively exchange with the audience. Oh, and if you get the chance to see authors Ilona and Gordon Andrews on a panel, trust me – do so. They are hilarious, especially when they disagree.

Me accepting the award & trying not to show how nervous I was.

Me accepting the award & trying not to show how nervous I was.

After that was the Romantic Times awards ceremony, where author John Scalzi brought the giggles by having both male model attendants escort him arm-in-arm up to the podium. Then author Meljean Brook, winner of the overall 2012 best novel, made me tear up when she talked about how she wrote for her daughter so she’d know about happily ever afters (when she was old enough, of course). When it was time for me to accept the award for best vampire novel (Once Burned, thank you RT reviewers and readers!), I just wanted to cede my time to Meljean. She rocked it that hard. I was also delighted that friends Ilona and Gordon Andrews won two – two! – writing awards. Go team Andrews!

Later that evening was the Avon Red Slipper party, where readers were treated to free liquor, books, and chocolate fountains. Do I need to say how much of a happy crush that event was? My only regret is that I didn’t get to partake of the chocolate fountains. To those who were there, were they as yummy as they looked??

Me and my fabulous agent, Nancy Yost.

Me and my fabulous agent, Nancy Yost.

The next day, Saturday, was the official book fair. Unfortunately, I woke up with a headache that just kept getting worse. The book signing room was HUGE and I’m not a great navigator under normal circumstances, let alone with a migraine that makes me light and noise sensitive. RT reviewer Jill Smith saw me looking around in confusion and showed me to my seat, saving me from being late (thank you, Jill!). Halfway through the signing, I  had to take a second dose of my migraine meds, so if you came to the signing and thought I looked a little off, you’re right. I was. Needless to say, I spent a quiet evening in my hotel room that night.

Sunday morning, my migraine was gone, which was a good thing since it was time to start the long drive back to NC. We arrived home on Monday night and since then, I’ve been getting caught up on emails, snail mail, laundry, and other glamorous chores. Next up is writing, of course, and then Friday night from 7pm – 9m EST, I’m chatting again with the lovely people from Gotta Have Paranormal With A Kick. As you may remember, my live chat with them last month was cut short due to Goodreads having technical issues, so I’m glad they were able to reschedule me. If you want to come out for the chat, the link is here. Hope to see some of you there!


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