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Lots of thank-you’s

November 6th was a significant day for me, though not for the reason you probably think. One year ago that day, I was in the Emergency Room wondering if I was going to die. Later I found out that the severe chest pain I experienced was not due to a heart attack or a pulmonary embolism, but was instead something non-lethal called costochondritis. So I spent most of Tuesday in remembrance and thankfulness to God – not a bad way to spend the day for whatever reason.

Of course, it was also Election Day in the US. I’m glad the election is now over for many reasons, chiefly because it reaffirms that I live in a democracy where I can make my voice heard by voting. Regardless of whether you’re pleased or unhappy with the election outcome (and I would ask that you not air those opinions here because I don’t want a partisan fight in the comment section) let’s remember that in some countries, citizens are not allowed to vote. In other countries, women are either disallowed from voting or they put their lives at risk to do so. That’s what I think of when I wait in a voting line (although voting early this year meant I didn’t wait in a long one. I am SO doing that again for the next election!). The other reason I’m glad the election is over is because that means no more inundation of emails, robo-calls, pamphlets, and nonstop political commercials from both sides. Now I can get back to being annoyed over everyday junk mail, spam emails, unwanted phone calls and stupid commercials (whoever told Charmin that “Enjoy the Go” was a good slogan is twisted, in my opinion.)

But speaking of voting – heh – I was very flattered to see that Once Burned has been nominated for two different awards: Best Vampire Romance in the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice awards and Best Romance in the Goodreads Choice awards. Thank you so much for the nominations, readers and reviewers! Once Burned is in stellar company in both categories so seeing my book up there with some from my favorite authors gives me another reason to be thrilled.

And now, I leave you with this too-cute video of a dog frolicking and snuggling with the deer she “adopted” after the deer was abandoned by its mother. As your Foolishly Optimistic Thought of the Day, let me hope that if animals can overcome their natural differences and make it work, maybe there’s a chance for our political leaders, too ;-) .


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Nov. 8th, 2012 07:45 pm (UTC)
My phone hasn't rung with a robo-call in 2 whole days now. I could happy dance!

Also, I believe Charmin might be the brand that has the cartoon bears? Every time I see that I think the person who designed that campaign must have been thinking of "does a bear shit in the woods?" when working on it. LOL!
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