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Arc winners from reviewer/blogger contest!

Wow, thanks so much for your enthusiasm with the blogger/reviewer contest! When I posted it, I thought I might get twenty, maybe thirty entries. Instead, around a hundred and forty of you entered. Again, a hearty thank you to everyone who participated! If you weren’t eligible for this contest - or didn’t win – please know that more Arc contests are forthcoming with no entering requirements aside from an interest in the book :) .

Now, let’s get to the contest results. As stated in the prior post, there were five Arcs of Once Burned up for grabs. Winners were chosen at random because I couldn’t begin to pick among everyone. If you see your name and comment below, please reply to me at frostlight1 AT yahoo DOT com with your entry information, full name and mailing address. Don’t leave that information in the comments because I don’t want to be responsible for spam mail sent to your address.

The winning comments are…

Missie, The Unread Reader / April 4, 2012

I love this contest! Thank you for such an amazing opportunity.

A review link:

Search tag on my blog:

Thank you!!!!


Dulcy / March 29, 2012

Wow! A contest! That’s awesome. I can’t wait to get my hands on Vlad’s book and would love to win this ARC. Thanks so much for hosting this contest.

Here’s my review of One Grave At a Time:


Tarra R. / March 30, 2012

Love your books! It would be better than chocolate eggs at Easter to win an ARC. I was going to send you the link to my goodreads review on “One Foot in the Grave” but I basically said there was no time to review, re-reading chapter 32!

I love gushing about your books, so here’s one of my reviews:



Suzie / March 29, 2012

My name is Suzie though I use the moniker “Mistress of the Dark Path” for my reviews on Amazon and my blog. The following is one of the reviews I posted for the Night Huntress series, This Side of the Grave, on Amazon:


The other is where I listed your series as my number one favorite for overall vampire series on my blog:


Thanks for doing this contest!


Julie / March 29, 2012

What a great giveaway. And the beginning of a new series to sink my teeth into, too.

Okay, here’s the link to a review of Night Huntress 2: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/272688702

Thanks for the giveaway.

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