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Belated updates

Hi everyone. From the silence on the blog, you wouldn’t guess that a lot has been going on lately, but it has. First, the reason for my recent hiatus: I’m delighted to say that Once Burned, Vlad and Leila’s book, is now in my editor’s hands. I finished it Tuesday night, then got up around 4am on Wednesday to start packing for a 12 hour drive back to Florida to visit my family. A note about me in the final legs of a deadline – I have total tunnel vision. If it’s not something to do with completing the book, I’m not thinking about it. Since I finished the book and basically jumped into a car 11 hours later, I didn’t do any of my normal pre-trip preparations. For example, it wasn’t until after I arrived in Florida that I realized I hadn’t packed any sleep wear. My husband thought this was a great oversight until I ruined things by going to the nearest Target and buying pajamas, lol.

I also neglected to put up the first three chapters of my story in The Bite Before Christmas anthology for a free preview (will have that done today or tomorrow).  Thankfully, readers gave The Bite Before Christmas a warm reception anyway by putting it on the New York Times and the USA Today bestseller lists (You’re amazing!). I’ve also gotten many lovely comments about how much you’ve enjoyed the “reveal” of information I’ve long been itching to tell about Bones’s past – and more “We want an Ian book!” comments than I’ve been able to count, heh. Maybe one day, Ian fans. I’m getting more hopeful about Ian as time goes on. Until then, glad you’re enjoying seeing a more detailed view of him (and the secret in Ian’s pants, heee!), Bones, Cat, Annette and the rest of the gang in The Bite Before Christmas.

Back to Vlad and Leila’s book, Once Burned, for a moment. Here’s a very condensed version of something that I may write a far too long post on the in future: Because the book wasn’t turned in until November 1st, the release date has been pushed back from the end of March until June 26th. Basically my choices were these: rush to finish the book by October 1st and then have a less thorough edit done on it to make the March release date, or finish the book in the time necessary to give it my best effort and have the normal, multi-layered editing process done for an end-of-June release. I chose the latter. I’ve long said to readers that I can never guarantee that they’ll love every book I write (tastes vary, and subjectivity is the spice of life!), but I can guarantee that I’ve loved the book and given it my very best effort. Having Once Burned release on the earlier date would have made me unable to say that, and that wasn’t acceptable to me. So while I’m sorry that readers will have to wait a little longer, but I promise that you will get a much better book as a result.

I’ll also say that even if I hadn’t intended to write more than one book with Vlad and Leila before I started Once Burned, I would’ve insisted on it about halfway through writing their story. I haven’t felt this plugged in to a couple since I started writing Halfway to the Grave over eight years ago, so it’s a very happy time for me as a writer!

Speaking of Cat and Bones, once I’m done with revisions on Once Burned, I’ll start writing the seventh novel in the Night Huntress series. As many of you know, Cat and Bones’s storyline will end at book nine. These last three books will tie together lots of hinted-at information in the previous six novels, as well as reveal new information that will make it a rollercoaster ride to the finish. I can’t wait to see what readers think of the finale that’s coming. Not to tease – okay, I love to tease! – but when I told my editor two years ago how I intended to end the series, she said, “Wow. I didn’t see that coming.” Never fear, readers, this doesn’t mean I’m killing off Cat or Bones. I’ve said from the beginning that readers who stick with the the series will see an eventual happily-ever-after for the couple. Until that final resolution,  however – game on! *wink*.

And in more Cat and Bones news, I’m flattered to say that This Side of the Grave is a Goodreads Choice Award nominee for Best Paranormal Fantasy. It’s in outstanding company, so I couldn’t be happier. Vote for your favorite novel here.

Furthermore, One Grave at a Time has been nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice award for Best Urban Fantasy. Excellent company in that category as well, so once again, I’m beyond flattered and pleased.

That’s it for now. More updates soon! Hope everyone is having a nice fall season so far.


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