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Contest and snippet

For weeks, I’ve promised two things: a contest to win an early copy of the next Cat and Bones book, and to post snippets from that book. Today, I’m delivering on both those promises :) .

I have two Arc’s (advance reading copies) left, so if you’re interested in getting your hands on THIS SIDE OF THE GRAVE before it releases February 22nd, email me at with the subject line of ”Contest” and your full name in the body of the email. Contest starts now and ends Monday, January 24th at 11:59pm EST. Both winners will be announced on my blog Tuesday the 25th. Contest is open to everyone no matter where in the world you live.

Remember, email me at only the address above to be entered in the contest. Emails/comments/messages sent anywhere else won’t count.

And now, a little snippet from the book. I was originally planning to post a scene with Cat, Bones, and the gang at the compound, but how about a little raciness to kick off the contest? This scene fragment is right before the chapter that *some* readers/reviewers have compared to One Foot in the Grave’s infamous Chapter 32.  Enjoy, and good luck in the contest!


“I’d have to be all the way dead not to want you.”

His eyes were now completely green, and fangs gleamed out from his upper teeth. I loved the way his gaze raked over me. Like it was the first time he’d seen me this way, and he couldn’t stop himself from staring. I knew my body, was well aware of its flaws, but Bones made me forget those when he looked at me. Under the hunger in his gaze and the swell of his lust cresting against my subconscious, I felt beautiful, strong, and sexy. Free to do anything without fear or shame.

His hands slid down my bare skin, power caressing my senses at the same time. I opened my mouth as his head dipped, feeling those inner sparks ignite with his kiss. They increased as his tongue stroked along mine with deliberate, intimate thoroughness. He’d use the same slow, deep strokes when his mouth was somewhere else, and the thought made my loins clench with anticipation. Bones only rushed things when I wanted him to; when impatience made my need so sharp that I couldn’t endure the delicious way he drew out foreplay. Tonight, though, I wanted him to be the one who felt drugged with passion, and if I let him keep kissing me, I’d soon be past the point of enough mental capacity to do that.

“Get on the bed,” I said, tearing my mouth away.

He carried me there, trailing more dizzying kisses down my neck at the same time, but I resisted when he started to lay me onto the mattress.

“Just you,” I said, untangling myself from his arms.

He cast a meaningful glance at the thick bulge in his pants before looking back at me. “Not becoming a tease, are you?”

I felt the rub of fangs against my tongue, two pointed reminders of the heat flaring inside me, but I pushed my desire back. That was tough to do with Bones propped on his elbows, legs casually yet invitingly splayed, inky shirt unbuttoned to reveal a V of crystal flesh in extravagant contrast to the dark fabric. For a minute I stared at him, letting his beauty fill my eyes.

“Angels wish they were as gorgeous as you,” I said with conviction.

“I’m very far from angelic, but thank you for the compliment.”

The words were light – his expression wasn’t. It was intense, his eyes flashing with emerald, and that bulge between his legs sent rip currents of lust through me. If I kept staring at him, letting my mind dwell on the fact that he felt even better than he looked, I’d fall on top of him and lose all thought amidst the bliss of his flesh merging into mine.

But I had an agenda, and right now, it didn’t involve me jumping on him. We’d had so much stress, danger, and violence lately, with more coming on the horizon, that our circumstances didn’t lend themselves to romance, but I didn’t care. Sure, we could sit down, go over our battle strategy yet again, or smother each other with admonitions to be careful, but if I’d learned anything these past few years, it was to grab hold of moments of bliss when they came.

Or to make them myself, if circumstances weren’t accommodating enough to throw one my way.

“After tomorrow, we won’t see each other for a little while,” I replied, voice low and throaty. “So I want to make sure that you have something to remember me by.”


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