Jeaniene Frost (frost_light) wrote,
Jeaniene Frost

Do you hear what I hear...?

No, I'm not bursting into Christmas caroling (though I do like that song ;). I'm happy to announce that audio rights for the first two books in the Night Huntress series, HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE and ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE, have been sold. So, one day in the future - sorry, don't know exactly when yet - those books will be available to listen to on tape. Approximately every fourth email I've gotten over the past year has asked "why aren't your books on audio yet?" Well, I'm thrilled to say that they will be soon!

A little detail behind why this has been a long process. When I sold my first five novels, audio rights were included in my contract to my publisher. So only my publisher had the rights to produce audio books. They did not, however, elect to exercise those rights. *shrug* That's how it goes sometimes. When I got a new agent (Nancy Yost), she informed me that I could get the audio rights back for my first two books and try to sell them myself. Apparently there was a clause in my contract that stated if x-amount of time had passed since the books were published and the publisher still hadn't elected to make audio books, I could request to have the rights revert back to me. So that's what I did, and eventually the rights for my first two novels reverted back to me, whereupon Nancy sold them to an audio publisher. Here I will pause to sing Nancy's praises, because without her examining my old contract to find the fine print about the audio clause, I would never have known I could get those rights back.

What about the other books in the series, you ask? Well, I'm in the process of requesting the rights back for my third and fourth novels, because the contractually-allotted time period has again passed for my publisher to produce audio books themselves. Once I have those rights back, hopefully Nancy can work her selling magic again so the rest of the series will be out on audio. Cross your fingers for me :).

In other news, I've been busy writing Cat and Bones #5, plus doing revisions on ETERNAL KISS OF DARKNESS, so blogging has been scarce. I will, however, very soon be holding contests giving away ARC's (advanced reading copies) of FIRST DROP OF CRIMSON, so consider this your head's up to check in on my blog in the coming days if you want a chance to win it.

Happy (almost) Friday, folks!

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