Jeaniene Frost (frost_light) wrote,
Jeaniene Frost

Contest Seven

If you read my previous post, you know what the prize is, but I'll recap: this contest features three ARC's (advance reading copies) of UNBOUND, a dark fantasy anthology releasing August 25th.

Publishers description:
"Kim Harrison reveals a hidden adventure, as Jenks and Bis investigate a strange haunting...and find far more than they ever expected. Melissa Marr delivers her first adult story, featuring a young woman struggling to escape the supernatural fate of her family. Jeaniene Frost goes to New Orleans, where Bones must face down a ruthless pair of serial killers, while Vicki Pettersson returns to Sin City and the war between Light and Shadow, and one man's fight for his soul. Jocelynn Drake's tale is set in Savannah, where a strange murder calls the balance between human and nightwalker into question."
My contribution to the anthology is Reckoning, a prequel written entirely in Bones's point of view. Let me stress that "prequel" means Cat isn't in this. The story is set about three or four months before Bones first meets Cat. Since this is a dark fantasy anthology, Night Huntress readers shouldn't expect to see Bones at his most romantic, either. Actually, in this story, Bones is at his most badass. I wrote much of Reckoning while listening to Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson on repeat. Get the picture? ;-)
Rules of the contest should be pretty familiar by now: email me at frostlight1 AT yahoo DOT com with the subject line of Contest Seven. Contest starts now and ends Friday night, the 12th, at 11:59 pm EDT. Considering the other authors in this antho, I'm expecting a lot of entries, though there will only be three winners. Hey, that's all the ARC's my publisher gave me. Winners will be announced Saturday the 13th, which is also when the final contest will be announced.
Good luck!

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