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Happy Valentine's day, everyone! If you're like me, you use this day as an excuse to eat a little more chocolate than normal, heh. AND if you're like me, you like free books! That's why, although I said I was only giving away 5 Arcs of INTO THE FIRE in my prior contest, I found more Arcs while I was unpacking (side note: Yes, I moved again for the second time in a year. If all goes well, this should be the last move for a while. Cross your fingers for me ;)).

Anyway, as I was saying, I found more Arcs, so I'm upping the number of winners from 5 to 8. The winners were picked at random because I can't choose between any of you - I love all of you! Also, at prior winners' request, I am only listing first names and the initial of last names. If you see your first name and initial below, check your email! Your instructions on how to get your book are enclosed.

Without any further ado, the winners are...

Mary B., Ashwina P., Alisa D., Deanna M., Hope G., Carley N., Cricket B., Susan B.

Congrats, all! As for everyone else, I am so sorry you didn't get good news this round, but as a reminder, I am doing a live video chat this Friday, February 17th, from 1pm Eastern time until 1:45pm, and everyone who asks me a question during the live chat will be automatically entered to win 1 of 7 signed paperback copies of INTO THE FIRE. So, you'll have another change to get your hands on Vlad and Leila's final story before it releases to the public.  Here is the link for the live chat: avonromancelive.com

Finally, Goodreads has posted their interview with me, where I answered 10 readers questions that they chose. Want to know which character I'd most like to meet in real life, if it were possible? What authors I'd have over to dinner, if I could, and if I've based any of my characters on people I actually know? Go here to find out all that and more.