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Contest winners!

We’re only twenty-four days from Twice Tempted’s release and in the next couple days, I’ll have a shiny new book trailer to show you! But before we get to that, let’s go to the winners from the previous Arc contests.

Ten winners were chosen from the Goodreads contest that ended on March 1st, and as per the contest rules, they were notified directly by Goodreads so I’m not listing them here. If you didn’t get a notification from Goodreads, I’m sorry, but you weren’t one of the winners they chose.

Two winners were chosen by Rafflecopter for the Facebook contest that started on February 26th and ended on March 1st. Those winners are: Ashley Tamietto and Natasha Evans.

Then last night, I ran a contest on Twitter for two more Arcs of Twice Tempted and the winners were MidnightRem and lraycraft.

Congrats to all of the winners! Unless you won from the Goodreads contest, please email me at frostlight1 AT yahoo DOT com with your full name and mailing address.

To everyone who didn’t win, I’m holding one more contest on my website blog, so your chance may be next! Head’s up: it’s happening before Friday, so be sure to check back frequently. In the meantime, I offer you a consolation prize of this hilarious video that I saw on Ilona Andrews’ blog. It’s of snooty cats playing Patty-Cakes while insulting each other in French (dubbed with subtitles, of course :) ).


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