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Arc giveaway of The Beautiful Ashes

Hi everyone! As I promised last week, here is the contest to receive an Arc (advance reading copy) of my upcoming NA novel, The Beautiful Ashes. If you haven't heard of this book yet, here's the back cover description:

TBA cover 2In a world of shadows, anything is possible. Except escaping your fate. 

Ever since she was a child, Ivy has been gripped by visions of strange realms just beyond her own. But when her sister goes missing, Ivy discovers the truth is far worse—her hallucinations are real, and the one person who believes her is the dangerously attractive guy who’s bound by an ancient legacy to betray her.

Adrian might have turned his back on those who raised him, but that doesn't mean he can change his fate…no matter how strong a pull he feels toward Ivy. Together they search for the powerful relic that can save her sister, but Adrian knows what Ivy doesn't: that every step brings Ivy closer to the truth about her own destiny, and a war that could doom the world. Sooner or later, it will be Ivy on one side, Adrian on the other, and nothing but ashes in between…

Releasing August 26th, 2014. 

 Read excerpts from The Beautiful Ashes here and here.

Now, to the contest, open to readers wherever you live in the world.

The Prizes:

10 winners will receive an Arc of The Beautiful Ashes, Broken Destiny book one.

All winners will be chosen by Randomizer. To enter, please follow the rules below:

1. Send an email to  jeanieneprizes AT gmail DOT com.  (obviously replace the “AT” with an “@” and the “DOT” with a “.” in your email.)

2. Make sure to include your name and the email address you want to be contacted at if you win, if it’s not the email you’re sending your entry from.

3. You can only enter ONCE. Duplicate entries will be deleted.

4. Contest starts now and ends July 22nd at 11:59pm Est. Winners will be announced July  23rd on my blog.

Good luck, everyone :).

Hi all! Somehow, it's been ten days since I posted a new blog. Times flies when working on a new book! Because I don't have anything interesting to talk about (I already mentioned work; that's pretty much all I've been doing) how about a new excerpt? This is from The Beautiful Ashes, my upcoming New Adult paranormal romance, which releases August 26th. Haven't heard about this book yet? Description and details are here. If you want the shortest summary possible, The Beautiful Ashes features star-crossed lovers with opposing supernatural destinies who get caught in a war between angels and demons. This series will be a trilogy.

In the scene below, my heroine Ivy has been dealing with several awful things. Her sister is missing, her parents just died in a car crash, and Ivy has been kidnapped by a mysterious stranger named Adrian after a cop tried to kill her.  If all of that wasn't enough, Ivy is also starting to realize the hallucinations she's had her whole life might actually be real. If you didn't read the previous excerpt I posted from Chapter Two, go here and you can have the entire context for the scene below. Of course I think that everything is better in context, but that's just my opinion :).

Oh, and as a head's up, I'll be holding a blog contest sometime next week giving away Arcs of The Beautiful Ashes, so if you're interested, be sure to check back for your chance to win. In the meantime, hope you enjoy the teaser!

Even on a good day, I hated when guys were cryptic. Those of the Testosterone Persuasion already came with a mountain of senseless tendencies—did they really think they needed to add purposefully vague statements on top of that?

The fact that Adrian refused to elaborate on his enigmatic warning while I was tied up in his backseat made it unbearable. As the time ticked on, I consoled myself by imagining hitting him in the head with something heavy. Or leaning over the seat and choking him with the band of duct tape around my wrists. If the back of this vehicle had had a cigarette lighter, I might’ve gotten creative with fantasies about that, too.

Guess being kidnapped turned me into a violent person.

“Are you a sex slaver?” I asked abruptly.

“Someone’s watched Taken too many times,” Adrian said, and the amusement in his tone grated on my last nerve.

“Why wouldn’t I think that?” I shot back. “You saved my life, but you’re taking me somewhere against my will, and you refuse to untie me.”

“You picked truth, remember?” was his infuriating response.

I swear, the first heavy object I got a hold of…! “You didn’t give me that, either.”

“Yes, I did.” He said it with a heavy-lidded, backward glance that would’ve made me straighten up and smile if he’d done it while we were sitting at a bar. “Just not all of it, but don’t worry. We’re here.”

With that statement, Adrian turned down a long road that led to a set of soaring, elaborately carved gates.

“Wait a sec while I open the gates,” he said, turning the car off and taking the keys with him.

I waited…until he was far enough away for me to make my move. Then I leaped over the seats. When I yanked on the driver’s side door, however, a large hand on the window prevented it from opening.

“Why am I not surprised?” Adrian said with irony dripping from his tone

I stared at his hand, as if that could explain how the rest of him was attached to it. A second ago, he’d been in front of those barbarically ornate gates, doing something that caused them to swing open with a mechanical moan.

No one could move that fast. Or, more accurately, no one should be able to move that fast.

“What are you?” I breathed.

His teeth flashed in a smile that was predatory and sexy at the same time.

“A couple hours ago, I wondered the same thing about you.”

Me? Before I could ask what he meant, he opened the door and let me out. Ice raced through my veins when I saw the knife in his other hand. That was also the moment when I noticed the sign on the gates: Green-Wood Cemetery.

“Don’t,” I gasped.

He raised a brow, cutting through the duct tape around my wrists. “You’re the one who wanted to be untied.”

My arms fell to my sides while relief roared over me, replacing the surge of fear-fueled adrenaline. Just as quickly, something snapped inside me. All the grief, anger, fear and frustration of the past ten days hurtled through my defenses, turning me into someone I didn’t recognize.

A rage monster.

My hand cracked across Adrian’s face with enough force to make it tingle and burn, and still, it wasn’t enough. I began beating on his chest, part of me horrified by my actions, but the rest urging me to hit him harder.

“What is the matter with you?” I yelled. “You pull out a knife with no explanation? I thought you were going to kill me!”

Adrian grabbed my hands. Any sane person would have recognized how overmatched I was and calmed the hell down, but I was way past sanity. With my hands out of commission, I kicked his shin hard enough to send pain shooting up my leg. He grunted, backing me up until I was pressed against the car hood. Now I had a wall of steel behind me and a wall of muscled flesh on top of me.

“Stop it,” Adrian ordered, his strange accent thicker with his vehemence. “I promise, I’m not going to hurt you!”

My breath came in pants. Adrian countered my attempt to drop down and wiggle free by pressing his thigh between my legs. I stopped that course of action at once, which was the same as admitting defeat. I couldn’t use my arms to push him away. He felt more solid and heavy than a stone gargoyle.

“Get off me,” I said between ragged breaths.

“Not until you calm down,” he replied sternly. Then the barest grin tugged at his mouth. “Feel free to take your time.”

I glanced down, only now registering that my breasts were pressed against his chest just as tightly as his thigh was wedged between my legs. Any movement on my part caused an embarrassingly personal friction, as if inhaling each other’s breaths while we panted wasn’t intimate enough.

I tried to slow my breathing, not to mention my galloping heartbeat. If not for his grin, I wouldn’t have known he thought anything of the compromising position he had me in.

If nothing else, he didn’t seem angry that I’d slapped, kicked and pummeled him. Now that my reckless rage had passed, I realized how stupid I’d been. One punch from his massive fist would’ve meant lights out, but he hadn’t hit back. Instead, he’d promised that he wouldn’t hurt me. Despite his kidnapping me and his refusal to give me answers about what was going on, I decided to believe him.

“Sorry I attacked you,” I said, my voice no longer shrill.

He shrugged like he was used to it. “Don’t worry. You were overdue for a breakdown, anyway.”

Just how many people have you kidnapped? I almost asked. Since I didn’t really want to know, all I said was, “Can you get off me? You’re heavy.”

He slowly uncurled his body from mine, but that silvery blue gaze stayed glued to me. I shivered, suddenly aware of how cold it was, now that I wasn’t covered by over two hundred pounds of warm-blooded male.

Adrian shrugged out of his coat, revealing a crew-neck black shirt that hugged his physique like it was paying homage. Of course he’d noticed the shiver. I wondered if anything escaped those piercing eyes.

I put it on. The hem had been mid-calf on him; it pooled on the ground with me. I’d never felt dainty around a guy before. I was comfortable at a size eight because I didn’t have to starve to maintain it, and my five-six height meant I could usually wear heels without being taller than my dates. Next to Adrian, however, I seemed to drop twenty pounds while also shrinking a few inches. Of course, his bulk was all muscle. Feeling him on top of me had made that clear….

I nixed that line of thought before it led to other, more dangerous musings, and tightened his coat around me.

“If we’re not here so you can kill me and bury my body in an empty plot, what else is there to do at a cemetery?” I asked with admirable calm.

He laughed, the deep, masculine rumble teasing something inside me that was too stupid to realize kidnappers were off-limits. That’s why I refused to notice the chin dimple it revealed, or how his lower lip was fuller than the top one.

“Lots of things, but we’ll get to that later.”

“Sure there’s going to be a later?” I challenged him.

“Of course.” Another tantalizing smile. “Since you and I are from the same line, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.”

Line? “You think we’re related?”

His gaze brushed me like a physical caress. “Not like that, thankfully. That would make our first date awkward.”

I stared at him in disbelief. “You’re hitting on me?” I finally managed. “Do you have any idea how twisted that is?”

He shrugged. “I don’t do subtle, it wastes time. Besides—” the silvery part of his eyes gleamed like liquid moonlight “—if you say you don’t find me attractive, I’ll know you’re lying.”

Under other circumstances, I might have blushed at being busted ogling someone I’d just met, but my kidnapper was hitting on me! Should that make me more afraid, or less? He’d already saved my life once and had had plenty of chances to harm me since, yet he hadn’t.

Plus, I wouldn’t be much fun as a date if I was dead.

“How about we hold the date talk until you give me the answers you promised?” I said, part of me wondering if tonight could get any stranger. The other part felt happy for the first time in over a week. Stupid ovaries. Down, girls, down!

Adrian’s expression turned serious. “I’m taking you to the person who can give you those answers.”

“Zach?” I asked, remembering Adrian mentioning the name.

“That’s him. This cemetery is almost five hundred acres, so if you don’t want to spend hours walking around in the cold—” he went over to the passenger side of the vintage-looking muscle car and opened the door “—get in.”

He was giving me a choice. Or at least, the illusion of one. If I ran, we both knew he could catch me.

The car’s interior light showed a hint of stubble trying to break through the smooth skin along his jaw, shadowing it in a way that was far too attractive. His exotic accent wasn’t helping, either. If I was ever kidnapped again, it had better be by an old, ugly guy. That would be less confusing to my emotions.

And less embarrassing. What idiot got caught lusting over her kidnapper? No wonder he’d asked me out. He must have thought I gave “easy” a whole new definition.

I walked over, thinking that even if I could run away from him, I wouldn’t. My sister was trapped in a place that shouldn’t be real, yet somehow was, and Adrian was my only ally because he could see the same crazy things that I did. More importantly, Adrian had proven that he was able to kill those things.

If he was able to help me save my sister, I’d not only take him up on his date offer. I’d pay for everything and seriously consider putting out.

I got in the passenger side, hearing the door lock as soon as he shut it. I tried to open it. Nothing. My sense of unease returned. What kind of person saved people just to kidnap them, and had a vehicle you could only exit from the driver’s side?

Then again, as Adrian slid into the seat next to me with an almost spooky fluidity, I realized what kind of person he was might be less important than what he was.


ALA picHi everyone, hope you had a pleasant weekend. Mine was spent flying to Las Vegas and back for the ALA (American Library Association) conference. I had a great time at the panel and two signings, so big thanks to everyone who came out! Here's a picture from the "Isn't It Romantic" panel, showing authors (from left to right) Deborah Coontz, Shelley Coriell, Ryan Winfield and myself.

Now, let's get to the audio novella updates.  As I mentioned in my prior post, the audio editions of my Night Huntress World novellas Reckoning, Happily Never After and Devil To Pay released on Tuesday last week. To celebrate that release, I held a contest giving away those novellas plus more audio books in my series (contest details here and it ends tonight, so enter if you haven't already!).

Plus, tomorrow (July 1st) from 8pm - 9pm Eastern Time, my audio narrator Tavia Gilbert and I are having a live Twitter chat where we're giving away twenty audio digital titles, winners chosen from readers who participate in the chat. What do I mean by  'participate'? All you need to do is ask one of us a question during our Twitter chat with the hashtag #AudioChat. My Twitter name is @Jeaniene_Frost and Tavia’s is@Taviagilbert. Your question can be about audio books, written books, the process of writing or recording, why you should try audio books if you haven’t already, or whatever else you’d like to know. Remember, only participants in the chat will be eligible to win, and make sure to use the hashtag #AudioChat with your question so that we can easily find it. As an added bonus, I'll also give away an Arc of The Beautiful Ashes to one of the audio chat participants, so set a reminder for tomorrow night and come on out!

That's the good news. The bad news is, when the audio novellas released last week, they initially went out with the wrong retail price. As soon as I found out, a flurry of emails were exchanged between me, my agent and various people from my audio publisher, plus I updated my previous blog telling readers to hold off on purchasing the audio novellas until the prices had been fixed.

Here's where we stand today: Some retailers have already updated their product pages for the audio novellas to reflect the correct pricing, which is $13.99 for Happily Never After, $11.99 for Reckoning and $11.99 for Devil To Pay. Some retailers are still in the process of getting the prices updated, so some audio novellas on a retail site are showing the correct price and some aren't. Some retailers, however, are exercising their contract option to sell the audio novellas at prices well above the retail rate, and they have a legal right to do so just as they have a legal right to discount prices to below retail, too.

How much control do I have in all of this? None, since I am neither the retailer nor the publisher, so I don't determine the initial sell price or determine whether distributors sell a product above or under that price. All I can do is to keep you informed about what's going on.  With that in mind, here are links to retailers who are selling the audio novellas at or under the correct retail price (note: I will keep updating this list as - hopefully - more retailers stop charging over the publisher base price.)

Reckoning at,  Ambling Books,

Happily Never After at,  Ambling Books,

Devil To Pay at,  Ambling Books,

Even though I don't have any control over this, I still want to extend my sincerest apologies. I'm truly sorry for any confusion or inconvenience these pricing issues have caused. If you previously purchased one of the novellas at the incorrect/inflated price, I suggest that you look into that retailer's return policy.

That's it for now. Be sure to check my blog tomorrow, when I announce the winners of last week's blog contest.

New audio releases and a giveaway!

Hi everyone, I’m delighted to announce that audio editions of my Night Huntress World novellas are finally available. They are all narrated by the fabulous Tavia Gilbert, who also narrates my regular novels. First up is...

Reckoning audioReckoning. This urban fantasy story is a prequel to the Night Huntress series written in Bones’s point of view right before he meets Cat. Marie Laveau also has a cameo, and you learn why Bones was banned from New Orleans for years, as he later mentioned to Cat in Destined For An Early Grave. This story was inspired by my going on ghost tour in New Orleans and learning about the infamous LaLaurie house – and what took place there. Originally appeared in the UNBOUND anthology.

Description: In New Orleans, a pair of undead serial killers are about to turn Mardi Gras into a horror show—unless the immortal hitman Bones can hunt them down first.

Order from:, or your favorite audio retailer.


HNA audioHappily Never After. This paranormal romance takes place after the events in Halfway to the Grave and before One Foot in the Grave. Bones has a brief cameo, but the story revolves around new characters. I’ve called this story my homage to Goodfellas and Love At First Bite, if you can imagine those two plotlines meshing *wink*. It was also inspired by my favorite Italian restaurant, Café Martarano, whose meatballs are to die for.

Description: Isabella Spaga is about to reluctantly walk down the aisle with Mr. Dangerously Wrong…but not if dashing vampire Chance has anything to say about it. As a favor to Bones, Chance has come to derail this wedding of beauty to the beast. Now if only he can keep his hands off the bride. Originally appeared in the WEDDINGS FROM HELL anthology.

Order from:, or your favorite audio retailer.


DTP audioDevil To Pay. This paranormal romance takes place after the events in At Grave’s End and before Destined For An Early Grave. Bones, Cat and Mencheres appear as side characters, but the story revolves around new characters. It was inspired by a dream I had where somehow, I knew I'd been possessed by a demon. Scared me into waking up in a cold sweat! Originally appeared in the FOUR DUKES AND A DEVIL anthology.

Description: Blake Turner had it all—until a demon decided to take residence in his body. Plagued with constant black outs and a trail of dead bodies in his wake, Blake thinks vampire Elise is his best chance at ending the nightmare. It’s just too bad he’s fallen in love with the gorgeous vamp right before he has to die…

Order from:, or your favorite audio retailer.


And now, to celebrate the audio release of these novellas, a giveaway!

The Prizes:

10 winners will receive one digital download audio title from the Night Huntress series, winner’s choice which title.

1 winner will receive a grand prize containing digital download audio titles for the entire Night Huntress series plus digital audio downloads of the newly-released Night Huntress World novellas (Reckoning, Happily Never After and Devil To Pay.)

All winners will be chosen by Randomizer. Contest prizes are supplied by Harper Audio and Blackstone Audio (thanks, guys!). International entries are welcome. To enter, please follow the rules below:

1. Send an email to  jeanieneprizes AT gmail DOT com.  (obviously replace the “AT” with an “@” and the “DOT” with a “.” in your email.)

2. Make sure to include your name and the email address you want to be contacted at if you win, if it’s not the email you’re sending your entry from.

3. You can only enter ONCE. Duplicate entries will be deleted.

4. Due to adult content, you must be 18 years of age old or older, and/or you have the consent of your parent/guardian.

5. Contest starts now and ends June 30th at 11:59pm Est. Winners will be announced July 1st  on my blog.


Like I said in my prior post - wait, there’s more! :)

Tavia and I are also holding a live Twitter chat on July 1st from 8pm – 9pm EST. At the end of the chat, Tavia and I will each give away 10 more digital audio download titles from the Night Huntress series or the Night Prince series to ten new winners (winner’s choice which title). That’s a total of twenty winners between the two of us! To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is ask us a question during our Twitter chat with the hashtag #AudioChat. Your question can be about audio books, written books, the process of writing or recording, why you should try audio books if you haven’t already, or whatever else you’d like to know. Remember, only participants in the chat will be eligible to win, so don’t be shy! At the end of the chat, the twenty winners will be randomly chosen from among those who participated.

Thanks and good luck, everyone!

Hi everyone, hope your weekend is treating you well so far! First up, a new appearance. If you’re attending the ALA (American Library Association) conference at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV next week, guess what? So am I :). You can find me here:

ALA image
Saturday, June 28th

8:30am-10:00am “Isn’t It Romantic?”

Panel, Room S219. A panel of popular romance writers will discuss their books and will sign copies following the program. Panelists: Ryan Winfield (Jane’s Harmony), Deborah Coonts (Lucky Bastard), Shelley Coriell (The Buried), Jeaniene Frost (The Beautiful Ashes) and Penelope Douglas (Rival). Moderated by Barbara Hoffert, editor of Library Journal's Prepub Alert.

11:00 – 12:00pm Signing Arcs of The Beautiful Ashes. Harlequin booth # 363.

NALitParty6_25Not able to attend ALA but still want to live chat with me? Head over to Twitter on June 25th from 8pm-9pm Eastern time for the #NALitParty chat with Ann Aguirre (@MsAnnAguirre), Cora Carmack (@CoraCarmack), Chelsea Fine (@ChelseaFine), me (@Jeaniene_Frost), Jamie McGuire (@JamieMcGuire) and Monica Murphy (@MsMonicaMurphy). We’ll be talking about good books, bad boys and anything else you ask us *wink*. To follow the chat Wednesday night, just click the #NALitParty hastag on Twitter.

But wait, there’s more! Be sure to check back on my blog this Tuesday the 24thbecause I’ll be posting a really cool giveaway. I can’t tell you what I’ll be giving away yet, but there’s lots of it, so don’t miss out.

Want something free right now? Remember the scene I posted from The Beautiful Ashes a little while ago? My audio book narrator, the fabulous Tavia Gilbert , created an audio version of it, so to listen, just click the “play” button below.

If for some reason the play button above doesn't work, here is the direct link:

Speaking of The Beautiful Ashes, I received two quotes from authors whose books I love, so I was doubly flattered and delighted:

“Jeaniene Frost brings her signature wit, sizzle and extraordinary imagination to this epic new series. I was addicted from page one.” #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout

"Jeaniene Frost is blessed with a creative soul." #1 New York Times bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon

That's all I've got for now. Enjoy and see some of you next week, either online or in person :).

Hi all, I have an update on  the replacement Arcs of The Beautiful Ashes for everyone who returned theirs at the RT convention. The corrected Arcs finally came in this week and I will be shipping them out on Monday. The reason why I didn’t ship them as soon as they arrived is because (as those of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter already know) my dad had a pretty major surgery on Wednesday, so I was out of town to be with him/my family. Thankfully, he came through the surgery and we’re all extremely grateful to be able to celebrate another Father’s Day with him tomorrow.

Thank you also to everyone who’s waited so patiently for their replacement Arc. If you live in the US, you should receive yours by the end of next week. International recipients may take up to 5 – 10 days.

Thank again and I hope you enjoy the book once you finally get it :).

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A sale, swag and Romantic Times

Hi everyone, good news: The ebook price for the first book in the upcoming Broken Destiny series has just dropped! Now you can preorder THE BEAUTIFUL ASHES in ebook for only $7.99. If you prefer paper, the book is coming out in Trade, which, if you’re unfamiliar, is larger than my usual books, but smaller than your average hardback. If this intersts you, here are some order links:  AmazonBAMPowellsB&N, iTunes, Indiebound

Haven’t heard me talk about this book and you want more information? Got that and an extended excerpt here:

Now, to the swag part of the subject line. If you’ve been to any of my signings or seen me at a previous convention, you know that in addition to book marks, I give away character-themed bracelets. Here are some that I’ve done in the past:

O  O

For the aforementioned Broken Destiny series, I had some new swag bracelets made, plus engraved coconut-shell necklaces. I forced my niece, Lauren, to model the necklace because I’m an evil aunt ;). See a close-up of the shell next to her picture.

braceletsBracelets 2



Necklace 1



I’m giving away 300 of these in swag bags at the Never Have I Ever party, plus handing out more individually at my other appearances, so if you’re going to the Romantic Times convention (  ) next week in New Orleans, come and see me! I’ll make sure you don’t leave empty-handed :).

Here is where you can find me at RT:

Tuesday, May 13: 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Party: Never Have I Ever...New Adult Pajama Party

Join over a dozen New Adult authors for college themed games, fortune telling, plus enter to win raffled off gift cards and more. Dress in your best and most interesting pajamas to win a grand prize-- a $200 gift card! All participants will receive a goody bag. Location: 2nd Floor Room: Gallery 4. Hosts:Jennifer L. Armentrout (aka J. Lynn), Sophia Bleu (aka Genn Albin), Chelsea Cameron, Cora Carmack, Nichole Chase, Chanel Cleeton, Jay Crownover , Lisa Desrochers , Jeaniene Frost, Abbi Glines, Melody Grace , Rachel Harris, Sophie Jordan , Tiffany King , Lauren Layne , Roni Loren , Jamie McGuire , Jen McLaughlin (aka Diane Alberts) , Lyla Payne , Veronica Rossi (aka Noelle August), Andrew Shaffer  and Tracy Wolff.

**Note: I’m hosting the Truth or Dare table. In addition to all the normal fun with “dares,” if you have a burning question you think I’d normally deflect, now’s your chance! *wink*


Wednesday, May 14: 1:15pm to 2:15pm

Panel: Strange Worlds, Strong Wills 

A place filled with vampires, shapeshifters, demons and magic is exciting, but are the characters living in there up for challenge? Join bestselling authors as they discuss how to craft characters – human or otherwise - that are ready, willing and able to take on the fantastic worlds they live in. Moderator: Jeaniene FrostPanelist(s): Ilona Andrews, Charlaine Harris Marjorie M. Liu. Location: 2nd Floor Room: Studio 2, Preservation Hall.


Wednesday, May 14: 3:45pm to 4:45pm

Panel: Fantasy Lovers 

What makes urban fantasy and paranormal romance characters so enticing? Why do our dragons and vampires and weres have so much sex appeal for our readers? Join urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors in exploring the realm of supernatural lovers and otherworldly passion. Panelists: Lara Adrian Alyssa Day Jeaniene Frost Yasmine Galenorn Chloe Neill. Location: 2nd Floor Room: Studio 9. Preservation Hall.


Thursday, May 15: 11:15am to 12:15pm

Panel: HEA The Paranormal Way 

Boy Meets Girl has transformed into Creature Meets Girl. Or Boy Meets Creature. From that first look all the way to the final kiss, supernatural couples are lighting up the page. Acclaimed authors discuss the challenges – and perks – of getting to that Happily Ever After when relationships navigate fangs, fur, angel wings or dirigibles along the way.Moderator: Jeaniene FrostPanelists: Meljean BrookKresley ColeNalini Singh. Location: 2nd Floor Room: Studio 2


Thursday, May 15: 4:00pm to 5:00pm

Panel: What's Next in New Adult? 

Is NA more than just angst romance? What’s next in New Adult? Romantic suspense? Thriller? Paranormal? Dystopian? Find out by agents, editors, and authors who are branching out in New Adult. Moderator: Jennifer L. Armentrout (aka J. Lynn)Panelist(s): Amanda Bergeron (Harper Collins, Editor) Jeaniene Frost Angela James (Carina Press, Editorial Director) Kevan Lyon (Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, Agent) Tessa Woodward (Avon Books/HarperCollins, Editor). Location: 2nd Floor Room: Studio 2


Thursday, May 15: 6:30pm to 7:00pm

Giveaway: Avon pub crawl.

Join Avon books and dozens of authors as they give away books, beads and more! Location: Saints and Sinners. ( ) 627 Bourbon Street; New Orleans, LA


Friday, May 16: 4:00 – 6:00pm

Awards ceremony

Cheer on your favorites as RT Book Reviews presents the 2013 Reviewers Choice Awards and the Career Achievement Awards. The Awards Ceremony ticket is included in the general convention registration and anyone with a badge will be allowed into the ballroom. Location:Third floor in the Grand Ballroom (Quarter Tower).


Friday, May 16: 6:00pm to 7:45pm

Party: Avon's Krewe of Muses

In the Krewe of Muses, Avon Books celebrates Erato, the muse of love and poetry, with a fabulous fête featuring more than 50 Avon, Avon Impulse, William Morrow and Harper Voyager authors, who will sign complimentary books and e-books for RT Booklovers Convention attendees! Tasty bites of ambrosia will be served to attendees during the event; and all who come can also enjoy libations fit for goddesses and muses alike. Location: 3rd Floor. Room: Acadia. (Grand Ballroom)


Saturday, May 17: 11:00 – 2:00pm

Book signing

Giant Book Fair. Included in conference attendee fee, plus open to the public. You can purchase a ticket at the door the day of the event. Meet more than 700 authors who will autograph books, poster, e-readers and bookmarks. Bring your “keepers” and have them signed! Location: Third Floor. Grand Ballroom and Mardi Gras ballroom.


Saturday, May 17: 7:00 – 7:45 pm

FAN-tastic Day Party.

Meet a revolving door of hundreds of authors as they make appearances every 30 minutes in this high-energy event. Be one of the first 500 attendees and you'll receive a goody bag filled with free books and promotional items. Dreamspinner Press is providing refreshments and sweet treats for all to enjoy along with lots of free books and giveaways. Among the authors you’ll meet are: Lara Adrian, Ilona Andrews (aka Ilona and Gordon Andrews), Jennifer L. Armentrout (aka J. Lynn), Jaci Burton, Lee Child, Sylvia Day, Jeaniene Frost, Abbi Glines, E.L. James, Eloisa James, Laura Kaye, Lisa Kleypas, Mary Robinette Kowal, Christina Lauren, Jamie McGuire, Jennifer Probst, Tiffany Reisz, Jill Shalvis, Nalini Singh, and Julie Ann Walker! Location: Second Floor. Preservation Hall.

Hope to see some of you at RT!

Ebook sale and excerpt

Hi, all! I'm busy writing Bound By Flames (Vlad and Leila #3) plus getting things ready for the Romantic Times convention the following week. If you're going, I hope you can stop by one of my events because (a) it's always great to meet people and (b) I went a little overboard with swag this year. I'll post pictures of my giveaway loot next week, but let's just say it includes series-specific bracelets, necklaces and buttons, in addition to my usual book marks and free books.

Now, to the subject line of this post. Barnes and Noble is holding a 50% off ebook sale for their "Spring Favorites." Up From The Grave, the last Cat and Bones novel, is among the titles that B&N selected. If you've already got your copy of that, I'd still check out the sale page because of the other great titles available, like books from Jennifer L. Armentrout / J. Lynn, Eloisa James, Cathy Maxwell, Gillian Flynn and many more. Link here:

Right now, Amazon is matching the prices, but hurry because the sale ends tomorrow (May 4th). Sale price is valid for all US residents. International retailers may or may not choose to match the sale, however (sorry, up to them so out of my hands).

Also, in case you didn't see if before, I posted an extended excerpt from my upcoming New Adult novel, THE BEAUTFUL ASHES, on my blog last week. Click link to read.:

That's it from me for now. Back to writing, and then on Monday, I start stuffing bags full o' swag for RT!

Night Prince 3 has a title!

Thanks for all your music recommendations on my previous post! I'm burning up my iTunes account making a new playlist as we speak. Now, to the subject line of this post. Yes, the next Vlad and Leila novel finally has a title! For anyone worried that it contains the word "thrice," never fear. We didn't want that any more than you did ;). Without further ado, I give you:

BOUND BY FLAMES, Night Prince book three                *throws fiery confetti*

As I mentioned in my last post, the newly-titled BOUND BY FLAMES will release on January 26th, 2015. I've already seen the cover and it again features model Paul Marron in all his hard-bodied glory. As usual, until everything is finalized on the cover, I'm not allowed to reveal it. I'm also not supposed to reveal the stepback (inside artwork on the first page after the cover) until everything is done with that, too. However....*wicked grin*....while I can't show you ANY part of the cover whatsoever, no one at my publisher specifically forbade me from showing ANY piece of the stepback, so I'm going to take that as tacit consent ;).

That being said, here is absolutely NOT the entire stepback art (don't be mad, Avon, I couldn't resist!)

Cover teaser

Remember, if you're reposting this pic on your blog (and feel free to; I loved it so much I didn't even wait for permission) this isn't part of the cover. It's only a piece of the stepback. As for the actual cover, true to previous Night Prince ones, you'll see just Vlad on it and he'll be showing a lot of skin. As soon I get the official go-ahead from my publisher, I'll release that. Sorry for the wait, but I'm probably in enough trouble as it is, heh.

That's all from me. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Hi, all, got some news for you: Night Prince #3, the still-untitled third novel in Vlad and Leila’s story, has an official release date! It’s coming out January 26th, 2015. Yes, nine and a half more months from now, but I hope you’ll think it’s worth the wait once it’s finally here. As soon as I have a title, back cover description and/or pre-order links, I’ll list those, too, so stay tuned.

Speaking of Night Prince 3, I’m doing my usual shout-out for song recommendations. As many of you know, I write each book to its own “playlist,” but right now, I’m writing NP3 while listening to TWICE TEMPTED’s playlist because I haven’t made a new one yet. Many of your previous recommendations have ended up in my playlists, so can you help me out again? I mostly like alternative and rock, with a little pop, rap and retro, too. To give you a more specific idea, here’s the playlist I listened to while writing UP FROM THE GRAVE (meant to post this closer to the book’s release, so my apologies for the delay.) Usual disclaimer: There’s no special meaning for the book in these songs and music tastes are subjective, so if you don’t like the music I like, no problem. Just please don’t tell me that I shouldn’t like it, because if it’s listed, I do, thus no arguing on your part will change my mind :).

Layout is Band name: songs (if more than one from the same band). Bands are in alphabetical order, not in order of preference or the order that I listened to them.

Apocalyptica: Not Strong Enough.

Band of Horses: Is There A Ghost, The Funeral.

David Crowder Band: Come Find Me, Sometimes.

David Guetta / Sia: She Wolf

Imagine Dragons: Radioactive, Tiptoe, It’s Time, Demons, Hear Me, Every Night, Bleeding Out.

The Killers: Miss Atomic Bomb

Lifehouse: Gotta Be Tonight, Between The Raindrops, Only You’re The One, Where I Come From, Always Somewhere Close, Had Enough, Smoke and Mirrors, By Your Side, All That I’m Asking For, Crash and Burn, Don’t Wake Me When It’s Over.

Matt Maher: Alive Again.

Mumford and Sons: Babel, I Will Wait.

The National: Fake Empire, Bloodbuzz Ohio, Demons, Sea of Love, Graceless.

One Republic: All We Are, Feel Again.

The Script / Hall of Fame.

Shinedown: Unity, I’m Not Alright, Miracle, For My Sake, Through the Ghost.

Skylar Grey: Coming Home, part 2.

Snow Patrol: In The End.

Within Temptation: The Howling, Frozen, All I Need, Stand My Ground, What Have You Done, Angels, Memories.

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